Who are we?

The biggest water meter manufacturer in Turkey BAYLAN is one of the biggest source of pride to Turkish labour and workforce from Middle East to Europe, Asia to Africa with the experience more than half a century.

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Meter Reading Systems.

AMR Remote Reading Systems

BAYLAN AMR Remote Meter Reading System Technology enables users obtain meter readings without need for visiting and manually reading water meters. Technology also enables the users cut-off the consumers water remotely if necessary.

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Prepaid Systems

The system is based on the principle that the water consumptions are calculated, and consumers are charged accordingly in advance. Consumers spend the amount of water loaded from credit sales offices by loading the credit to water meters via smart cards.

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Mobile AMR Systems

This system has two types of reading method. Reading the meters via a handheld computer (PDA) with a staff or a computer based system in a vehicle. These mobile remote reading devices collect meter readings and save them to local memory. In the municipal waterworks center the readings are trasferred to main system from the handheld computer.

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Baylan BMS

Baylan BMS, is an application framework can be configured, managed via restful services. Baylan BMS is intented to communicate with your company resources via b2b methods. It includes Baylan EKS (for prepaid cards), Baylan IOT (for iot bandwidths), Baylan LORA libraries, natively developed iOS and Android applications.

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Meter & Communication Units

Information Center


Customer Support

BAYLAN Water Meters are served to your service after subjecting to detailed tests for providing durable, precise and reliable performance on the field. Our company which is moving with customer satisfaction and environmental conscience describes its success as “ Quality Product, Superior Technology and Effective After Sales Service”. For our products; we’re providing support line, repair and maintenance as well as measurement system education, consulting, stocking and managing services.


Smart Grids

The need for the efficient, safe and environment friendly energy demands coming with direct proportion with population density and individual energy increase has briought the idea of smart grids. Smart Grid is an execution that upgrades and makes continuously safe, quality distribution between smart meter and monitoring system with the aim of having bilateral electronical communication between users and administrations.


Human Resources

Our product and services quality begins with our employee’s quality. As Baylan Measuring Instruments, we aim to develop new generation products and effective solutions that increase the living standards of our employees and to develop their talents and make a creative institutional structure with contemporary and strategic Human Resources approaches. It is our companies dignity and professional ethics which pivot us to the future in our human resources formation.